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Welcome to the FreshSoftware Shipping Oddessy. We are your one stop source for PHP Shipping Plug-Ins that will:
Help detect invalid U.S. Addresses with the Address Verification Plug-In.
Help Detect Fraud.
Reduce Shipping Errors.
Obtain United States 5 Digit Postal Codes.
Obtain United States 4 Digit Postal Code Extensions.
Print U.S. Domestic and International shipping labels.
Schedual a USPS Carrier Pickup.
Schedual a Express Mail Pickup at a Post Office.
Ship Bulk Mail.
Print a Return Merchandise Label.
Track and Confirm Delivery Status.
Perform a City, State or Zip Code Lookup.
Incorporate U.S. Domestic and International live shipping rates into a website.
Purchase Bulk Shipping Scripts.
Highly documented scripts for easy installation.
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